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Amniotic Membrane


What are Amniotic Membranes?

Amniotic membranes are a successful treatment option for dry eyes that do not respond to the regular options of eye drops or other in-office processes.

Amniotic membranes are placed directly on the front of the eye to create a nourishing and protective barrier to treat the dry eyes and aid in improving the health of the cornea and at the same time allow the damaged cornea to rejuvenate and lower the risks of vision loss from any long-term corneal damage

These membranes use the latest stem cell technology to form a layer of cells that is placed over the front of the eye to provide a unique regeneration and healing of the damaged front corneal surface of the eye.

Amniotic membranes produce a powerful and effective treatment of the chronic dry eyes and can also be effective in treating other corneal and ocular surface diseases, even if major damage has already occurred.

How Do Amniotic Membranes Work?

Amniotic membranes are tissue rich in stem cells that function as a short-term corneal graft. This is a safe treatment option with limited to no lasting side effects.

The membrane is applied by an eye doctor as an in-office treatment by an eye doctor, and is usually a very quick procedure, taking just a few minutes. It requires a numbing drop to insert the flexible ring under the eyelids, but after insertion there is little to no discomfort, only slight awareness.

The membrane covers the front of the eye as it is placed underneath the upper and lower eyelids. The eyelids are then kept closed for a approximately a week with surgical tape or gauze, this keeps the membrane protected. During these days the membrane gradually dissolves into the cornea, allowing the treatment and rejuvenation of the damaged corneal cells to commence.

The membrane is fully dissolved within 10 days, during this time your eye doctor evaluates the membrane to ensure correct placement.

After the amniotic membrane has fully absorbed, the benefits should last for a long period of time as the stem cells from the membrane provide a long term treatment for ocular surface damage.